Monte Fauno products,  Italian and 100% Organic

Monte Fauno was born with the intention of carrying on your table the taste and the tradition of the finest Italian food. Our products are the natural result of our farmers’ knowledge, in compliance with the strictest organic standards.

The uniqueness of Monte Fauno consists in blending the best raw materials with both traditional and creative recipes, through a gentle processing.


Our Commitment



We begin by choosing the best raw materials. In the following step we processing them gently not to loose any of their natural flavours.



Our products follow the natural course of the year. We only process raw materials when they are in season, to offer you tasty and wholesome specialties.





Quality is our first goal. We carefully select the best vegetables from our producers. This way our products meet the highest Organic quality standards.





Our wide range of products allows us to meet any kind of need. Besides our regular production, we can provide several options:



-No tomato added

-No gluten added

-No egg added

-No dairy product added

-Satvik (suitable for those who practice  meditation)