Our Project

Monte Fauno was born to carry on an ambitious project. It is just the "commercial side" of our Ecovillage. Unlike most Ecovillages around the world, we wish to promote a new pattern, economically strong and committed to achieve a social and environmental improvement. The idea is about setting up an Ecovillage in the heart of Italy, where people could achieve a new and eco-friendly living style.

The Eco-village will lie in beautiful Marche region (a region with beautiful hills, but also mountains and sea nearby). It includes:

  1. 40 single-family detached dwelling:
  2. Guest-house and organic restaurant;
  3. Two eco-plants: one will be working on processing seasonal local ingredients, and another one for the treatment and extraction of natural dyes;
  4. A social cooperative.

Besides that, events will be arranged, such as courses, workshops and educational projects. The goal is sharing the knowledge of a truly eco-friendly living style, which respects people and nature also.




Straw-bale houses are going to be built by following the principles of Sustainable Architecture (green building). The village will be entirely energetically independent, through the most efficient solar panels applied to feed both houses and the factories where our natural products will be processed.

Ecovillage means eco-friendly living style and much more

“La Magione” Eco-village is probably going to be the very first example in Italy of self-sufficient and eco-friendly way of living.

 Our goals are:

  •  Spreading knowledge about living and eating in a sustainable way;
  •  Fostering the creation of a social and cultural context which aims to educate to new and old professions;
  • Improving access to vocational training and increasing the opportunities for employment;
  • Sharing self-build best practices as a way to save money and respect the environment;
  • Promoting social life by creating common spaces and arranging group activities.

Sustainable living begins by building houses with local recycled materials, to lower the ecological footprint.

Moreover, the village will be energetically independent, with a production of renewable energy that will exceed its own needs and therefore will supply the neighbouring villages.

Lastly, we strongly believe in social integration. Group activities are promoted as they help improve people's health and their social skills.